What's happening now

The Museum of Automotive History currently does not have a physical location, but is in the process of creating a world-class facility.  The Museum is a tax exempt 501C(3) corporation which makes contributions tax deductible.  A Board of Directors is in place, and a comprehensive business plan has been completed.  A website and a Facebook page have been developed.


What’s Coming Soon

The next phase is a staged plan that will incrementally turn vision into reality.  The first facility will be located in leased space.  Initially, the space will provide storage for the Museum's cars.   From storage, the facility will transition into publically accessible displays of the Museum's cars and car-related artifacts.  First by appointment, then moving to a regular schedule.


What’s On the Horizon

The Board of Directors and executive staff of the Museum are developing a destination facility where automotive history and education will come alive in displays, stories, classrooms, and a fully equipped restoration facility.  The planned facility has three elements.


Eric Pool: President 

Tony Swann: Vice President 

Tom Pool: Secretary 

Sarah Pool: Treasurer

Mark Saba: National Volunteer Group Lead

Nadia Wood: Social Media and Website Director

George Psomas