The Museum of Automotive History is a non-profit organization, working towards the goal of creating an automotive museum in Rochester, Minnesota.

The mission of the Museum of Automotive History is to educate and promote all areas pertaining to the automobile as well as to protect and preserve the automobile and related historically significant artifacts.




Dave Keillor and his wife toured the Gilmore Car Museum on Friday, September 9.  Brooks Simpson, Gilmore trustee and board member, was our gracious host.  Brooks spent virtually the entire day (about six hours) showing us around the museum and introducing us to key people.  (A picture of Brooks standing in front of one of the cars in the visitor center is below:



We had last visited the Gilmore back in 2011, and there have been a lot of changes since we were there last.  The biggest change is the new visitor center.  It's a museum within a museum and is a wonderful starting place for a tour of the Museum.  Even the restrooms are part of the ambiance.  This is the Museum's 50th year and it's truly one of the top automotive museums in the country.


Gilmore operates with a very thin staff of very capable people.  Brooks arranged meetings with Michael Spezia, Executive Director; Brittany Williams, Collection Registrar; and Fred Colgren, Education Director.  We also talked briefly with the person in charge of maintenance (whose name I don't remember).  The museum has around 400 cars on display at any given time and another 100+ in storage.  One of the unique features of the museum is its Garage Works program.  This program gets high school students involved in car restoration projects.  The participants meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 to 6:00 pm to work on projects under the guidance of volunteer mentors.  According to Fred Colgren, the program is as much (or more) about learning life skills and as it is learning about automotive restoration.  Fred told us that in a meeting with the board, one of the kids said about the program, "This is the first time anyone has given a shit about me."


Brittany Williams gave me sample copies of several very useful documents that she uses in conjunction with the donation and loaning of cars and artifacts.  They include:

  • General information about loans/donations (also available on the Museum's website)

  • Fair Market Value & Tax Deductible Donations

  • Determining the Value of Your Donation

  • Collection Application -- Vehicles

  • Deed of Gift

  • Incoming Loan Agreement

  • Outgoing Loan Agreement

I will put together a slide show of our Gilmore visit and go into more detail at the next board meeting should the board desire.

New SPONSOR added!

 We are very excited to announce that Somerby has joined to our sponsor list! They will be sponsoring space for our team meetings!


On July 11th Eric Pool (our fearless leader) was interviewed by KROC. Check it out here


We added new board members to our team!! 

  • We added Sarah Pool on our team. Sarah will be serving as a treasurer for our organization. 
  • We added the founder and CEO of The Hybrids , Nadia Wood to our team as well. Nadia will be serving as the social media and website director for the museum.